Play from RAMdisk

I would like very much if Roon had a chance, at the option of the user with a specific command, to temporarily copy the files into a ramdisk and play them from there, as other software already do (like Alchemy Desktop, Foobar and Muso, for example), and maybe also giving the option to choose the method of temporary copy (MMX or SS2).
When a new file or a new album are selected for listening (by clicking on “play”), previous files copied in ramdisk would be deleted.
Many users (and me too) have experienced the benefits of play from ramdisk, as in this way there is no activity from hard disk, which can harm the quality of the reproduction.

Hello Pompeo,

There has been almost two years of discussion on the forums and the search feature is a great way to read older and current discussions on many topics. Previous posts might go into great depths and are very informative reads.

For this topic, I think this is a good statement of where Roon is with Playing From Ram.

I’m sorry, evidently hadn’t tried quite well, I see that it has already been discussed.