'Play Now' Button Behavior

Small nit here. I had pulled up disk 3 of a multi-disk set and hit “Play Now”.

IMHO, it should have played starting with disk 3. Instead Roon seems to start with disk 1 regardless of which disk is chosen.

A minor “wha” moment, nothing more.

That does definitely make much more sense that the big play button would play the tracks displayed below.

As an aside there is a Play Disc link off to the side that does what you want:

My control was a Mac Pro. It doesn’t have a play disc button.

On the full-scale Roon Control surfaces (PCs/Macs/iPads/Tablets) the play disc icon appears next to the disc currently selected as in…

I agreed its a bit of a disconnect it should play what’s active on screen.

Roon is album centric, so it considers the whole thing an album, with a title and artists, and the Play Now button plays the album, it is right next to the album title (blue marking on the screen capture).
Below that are the disk selectors, and to play a disk you use the play arrow next to those (red).
And below those are the tracks, and there are play arrows next to those (green).
Pretty logical, the buttons play the thing they are next to.

Yeah, I have had Roon for a year and didn’t realize until today that that “pointer” was a button.

Oops. :crazy_face:

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