Play now button for each whole playlist in list of Playlists

Playlists are not really my thing. I’ve just made one for the second time in my Roon life (which is some years now).

But it’s immediately apparent that there is a missing button, namely a play-now button to the left of each play list like as if they were tracks.

As I’m a Playlist newb I accept I may be missing something, or that there may be some obvious reason why this doesn’t work. But at present it just seems I have to do an extra click to satisfy my baby’s lust for her Miffy and Friends playlist… :hear_no_evil:


Weird, I have it on my playlist.

But not on this view, right?

I want to play the WHOLE play list with one click. Am I doing something wrong?

Long press on a playlists and it will give you the option (right click with mouse)

well, to me the view you are talking about is analogous to the Album View. And it functions like the album view, left click, and select Play. Example:

Album View

Playlist View