Play Qobuz files downloaded to phone using ARC

Reading about the ARC download capabilities restricted to music files in the Core makes sense. However I also have the Qobuz app on my phone and this allows me to download Qobuz files for off-line playback; a feature I use often. It would be really useful (and reduce data traffic) to enable ARC to play the Qobuz downloads in preference to streaming the Qobuz file when data/ WiFi is available, or when off-line.

I believe there would be Licensing issues surrounding this with labels, Qobuz and Roon.

For now if I need offline media I use the Qobuz app. If you have a physical library on your Core then you can offline to Arc from your library.

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I wonder what licensing issues there could be, I have a ROON licence and a Qobuz licence. When playing at home the integration is seamless, I don’t need to know if a track is mine or belongs to Qobuz, I just play it.
When wanting to play music on my phone I know I could download different files to Qobuz or ARC depending on their source, but I think there are benefits to be realised in closer integration on the phone.

  • Not have to be thinking of where the music is when off-line and then find it on the appropriate app. I would not like to be doing that while driving, for example.

  • When connected to ROON core and using ARC, why stream a track when it is already downloaded to my phone?

Qobuz (and Tidal) licencing agreement with the labels (that own the copyright) only allow local download to the respective company’s application … sadly this exclude all 3rd party applications ie Roon.


Yes, I can see that but I’m not suggesting a change to download rules and licensing, only that it would be useful and a tighter integration to play a Qobuz download using Roon as the player.

It would be very useful, but without a change to copyright holders licensing agreement, this feature suggestion is sadly moot.

Thanks for your response, maybe one day ………

I think I get it now. Just to clarify, when I add a track to my Roon library and play it within Roon, it is always streaming vs playing the downloaded offline version in Qobuz?

Yes, that’s correct, adding to library [from Qobuz/Tidal] is just creating a local reference to the provider streamed files.

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