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Can anyone here enlighten me about how to use Roon while sitting on a plane without the access to the internet??? I have already purchased two licenses for Roon Soft, so I consider myself a heavy but still inexperienced user. But sitting recently on a plane - I found out that there is no way to play my songs from my Surface because I cannot login without internet access on this plane. I must admit that 240 $ for two licenses without the possibility to play offline made me really disappointed and made my thoughts full of swear words. Is this offline play feature hidden somewhere? Is this feature simply not built in? If the latter - than my question to the developers of Roon - for what are you taking the money? Would you be so kind and let the users to use it as they like it and where they like it? Also in the places where internet is not accessible? Really interested in your answer.

Mine seems to work fine without an internet connection. I assume as long as your library and core is on your local PC then it should be fine. Obviously no Tidal but other than that it should be all good.

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Can anyone here enlighten me about how to use Roon while sitting on a plane without the access to the internet?[/quote]
Roon does not presently support off grid mobile use, however that said…

Provided the device is running run a Roon Core, the licence has previously been validated, and the library is local it should be fine. Roon does however periodically check back to the Roon cloud to re-validate that the account licence is valid, if re-validation is not possible (no internet connection) there is a grace period of a few days.

@Mike would be able to confirm how many days.

I use it all the time while travelling, including on intercontinental flights. No problem.

I think your issue may be more complicated than you suggest.

Logging in does require internet access, but once you’re logged in you should have no problem using Roon for weeks without an internet connection.

Obviously TIDAL and metadata updates require connectivity, and the app connects to our servers periodically to check your license status, but you shouldn’t have any issue running without a connection once you’re logged in.

My core is my home PC
I want to listen to the music I sync to my iPhone while traveling - these are not cores

Can this be added?

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