Play / Shuffle buttons missing from ARC?

In the iPhone ARC app, there seems to be no way to play more than one track at a time from My Library > Tracks. And since there is no way in ARC to access Bookmarks, no way to access Tags directly, and no apparent way to highlight multiple tracks and add to a playlist, we’re left with only being able to listen to playlists we made at home.

Am I missing how to do this?

Home Roon:



Like most things Roon ARC is still pretty much designed around album playback and playlists and tracks always seem to be lower in priority more so in ARC which does kind of goes against a lot of people’s use on the go. You currently have to add tracks as you go to build up a queue or add single tracks to a playlist one at a time. Why you can’t multiselect anything is a mystery of the UI creators seems a no brainer.

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