Playback freezes with Dietpi endpoint

Roon Core Machine

Rock running on Nuc10 i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi, both core and endpoint are on wired ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Allo Boss2 player running DietPi w/ Roon Bridge.

Number of Tracks in Library

about 100k

Description of Issue

I have been using this setup for several months and it has been generally quite robust and error free especially with this particular endpoint that’s wired. I think since the last update (so for about a week), I have been encountering freezing issues on this particular endpoint while playing albums or playlists. Other endpoints connected to my core (I have endpoints in two other rooms) continue to work fine. When this happens, I can’t play or pause the track and playback seems stuck and a highlighted bar flashes between left and right without making any progress. I first thought this might be an issue with the endpoint, so I ssh’d to dietpi and rebooted it, but even after coming back online Roon was still stuck on playback. The only thing that solves the issue is restarting Roon core (either the process, or rebooting the core machine).

Is backhaul over Wi-Fi or wired? Furthermore, be sure to uncheck Disable IGMP Proxying in your router’s settings.

The log files in /var/log/roonbridge may give a hint. If you have RAM logging enabled (default on DietPi), then check the logs shortly after you face the freeze.

Also kernel logs may help, if it is an issue on driver level:

dmesg -l emerg,alert,crit,err

Last but not least, when you say after last update, do you mean Roon Bridge update or DietPi update? If the letter, also try to update the Roon Bridge software itself to latest version:

dietpi-software reinstall 121

It’s wired and I have the igmp thing enabled.

I am not sure why my post is moved here. To me this seems like a recently introduced Roon core bug rather than dietpi issue.

I meant Roon core update to 970.

And the Roon Bridge in on recent version as well then, to rule our a version incompatibility (whether known or not)?

It should be disabled.

Wired to the same physical router or switch as the roon core? A mesh network is still connected over WiFi even tho 2 devices might be connected to different areas mesh devices via a cable.

Does this happen at all bitrates or just higher ones?

I mean disabled.

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Yes. Wired to the same mesh core.

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