Playback of an album, but not certain tracks [Supported, use block track]

With certain albums it can happen that people do not really like certain songs, the integration of an option to ignore those songs during playback would be nice

Double click on the heart symbol in the track listing and track will be permanently (until you change it back) ignored.

Slims method works for albums that are in your library. I use it regulary to permanent avoid annoying songs.
The other option is to remove the song(s) in the Queue.

wonderful thank you for the quick reply

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There is no heart any more so how do you do it now?

To get a heart, the track needs to be in your library.

Is it?

Yes it is, but the heart is gone from the album page, so you have to play the track and expand the view to full screen to get a heart. Roon really is awful!

No and no. If you’re sure you’ve put the album in your Roon library and aren’t getting the :heart:, then I don’t know what’s wrong.

Hm, I don’t see any problem with the favoriet function

Are you using a phone? On a phone the app is different, things like that may be hidden behind the three dots in the Roon app, you’d have to click that to expand what’s being viewed or see additional options. On tablets or a PC, due to the larger screen, more stuff is visible off the bat, like the hearts.

Yes thanks thats it, on a phone the heart is hidden in a different place for albums!