Playback random stops

I am testing Roon but noticed that playback stops randomly (somewhere in the middle of a song) I see a short message in the Roon remote that Roon lost connection with the audio device
My setup is Innuos Zenith MKII musicserver (firmware 1.3.1) with roon player and core running on the Innuos. Mytek Brooklyn dac+ connected via USB directly to the Innuos server. (already tried a different USB cable)

Both happens with playing songs from TIDAL or CDRIPS located on the innuos server.
Roon remote running on a windows 10 laptop, Ping request to the Innuos music server keeps running without timeouts.
Using Roon 1.4 build 294.

Hello @Edwin_Jager,

How big is your library (in tracks)? Are you getting the same issue in case of playing to the zone connected to your Win10 laptop ?



My Library has 7088 tracks.
I tested today with my Win10 Laptop as endpoint and Mytek Brooklyn Dac+ connected to the laptop.
I played Tidal songs and CDrips for several hours without any problem.

Reconnecting the DAC+ back to the Innuos server resulted in the issue already with the first song played.

I will do some futher testing by uninstall core from the inuos server and use my laptop as core and innuos server as player.



Did some futher testing:
Roon core installed on my windows 10 laptop. Innuos music server only as player. Also then I had random stops where roon lost connection to the audio device. It seems to happen less often, but it still happens. At the same time I was running a ping command to the Innuos music server without timeouts.

I have now removed the core from my windows laptop and running core and player on the innuos server again.
@vova is it possible to gather logging to see whats going on.
I am still testing roon but like the product very much and consider buying it.