Playback Tidal stops after 3-4 sec

@dylan @Justin_V @Peter_Kuehnel I’m really sorry, but the problem is back again and even worse. When I press play, it takes about 10-20 seconds to start and after that playback stops at 4,5 or 6 seconds. I didn’t change anything in the settings. It says something like: ‘Tidal is running slow. This could be a network or connection failure’. My network is ding fine (600mbps download and 40 mbps upload in the wifi). Roon is hard-wired connected via my Grimm Audio MU1. Kind regards, Michiel

Same issue for playing Live Radio “Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable”

When playing from Tidal: “TIDAL media is loading slowly. This may indicate a networking or connectivity problem”.

Sorry guys, a simple reset of the switch solved the problem.

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