Playback will not stop after closing Roon [Resolved]


Windows 10
Roon Version 1.3 (build 218) stable 32 bit

Problem Description

After closing the Roon window while music is playing, audio continues continues to play through my speakers. The only way to completely stop audio playback is to open Roon again, press pause then close Roon. Use Exclusive Mode and Use Event Driven Mode are set for all my devices

Is this behavior normal, or is this an issue that could be corrected?

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You don’t say if you are running roon core on your windows machine or elsewhere. I am running roon core 1.3 build 218 64 bit on windows 10 and tried closing the roon window with a track playing and the track stopped.

I wouldn’t expect music to stop if you close a remote. Mine doesn’t. It will stop if you close the core. The core does the work, the remote tells it what to do.
You told it to play and it did. Shutting the remote just stops you making further requests of the core untill re started.

Hi @Larry ----- Thank you for the feedback! Can you please verify for me where Roon is being closed? Core machine or remote device?


Hi @Eric - I’m closing Roon on a remote PC. Closing Roon Core does stop all playback. But I thought stopping Roon on an remote would stop playback to all devices directly attached to the remote. Is this incorrect?

Have you installed Roon server and remote on the same machine?

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Hi @Larry ---- Thank you for confirming that information for me! As Jeff (@DrTone) has asked, are you running Roon server and remote on the same device by chance?


@Eric, @DrTone - Roon Core and Roon Remote are on separate machines. Sorry for not clarifying that earlier.

So what is your DAC connected to, the core machine or the remote machine? If the remote machine then yes playback should stop when you close Roon Remote.

Unless you also have Roonbridge installed on the Roon Remote machine?

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@DrTone - Bingo! That’s it. I didn’t realize Roonbridge was running on the PC running Remote. I stopped Roonbrige and now closing Roon Remote stops playback of attached devices.

Regarding my DACs, I have several DACs directly connected to each of my PCs (one running Roon Remote and one running Roon Core). I’m also running Roonbridge on a separate Raspberry Pi 3 and a microRendu and I have a DAC attached to each of these as well. I group multiple DACs together so I can easily perform A/B comparisons of various DAC configurations. Roon has been great for this.

Thank you for your help!

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