Played / Not Played logic

At the moment, Roon considers:
-a track played only if it has been completely played
-an album played only if it has at least ONE track played.

i’d like an option in the settings to consider an album played only if it has ALL tracks played. or maybe if x% of it has been played.

or, even better, in the FOCUS tool a filter to select NOT / NOT COMPLETELY / COMPLETELY played albums (independently from when in the last…)



Agree completely! Example: playing a local collection randomly (or even using Radio) causes a lot of albums to be deemed played due to only one track having been played by the random process.

I’d like more control as well over what “played” means within my collection.

Thanks, db

Not true, move the play bar to the last 30 sec of a track and let it finish and it will count as played.

yes @David_Boyd exactly!

I’ve found that the first 25 seconds does the job as well.

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