Playing 22bps MP3s

Is is possible to play low rate mp3s? I notice the filter is 32-320kbps. I have quite a few audiobooks I’d like to play

Roon plays 22kb/s AAC files just fine.


I was hoping to play 22kbps mp3?

Also how do I change the file size filter from 32-320

to say 20 - 320

Something odd here, because I believe that the selection options in the Focus tool are driven by the content of your library. In other words, if you have 22kbps mp3 files, and this is the low end of the range, then this will be listed in the range selector box. For example, I have 24kbps mp3 files (and 16bit/48kHz files), and so these show up as selectable options:

Some lower-bitrate files with an .mp3 extension are not actually MPEG Layer-3 files inside, but rather older MPEG specifications that we don’t support. We would need to look at the exact files to be sure what they are.


So it appears that the 22kbps mp3 files aren’t shown in my library for a reason other than as I suspected (that they were below the playable rate). The files have metadata and play via UPnP on to my Naim NDX 2. I’ll see if I can investigate the files some more before asking more questions.



Thanks, that’s most useful to know. I need to find a way to get these story files into another format.

The only way I know of if you want to keep the quality of your files is to convert them to a lossless format. Coverting to another lossy format will be a double lossy process.
FLAC is good as metadata can be transferred during conversion. Does dBpoweramp read these mp3 files?

Seems related to an issue I had with odd mp3 files. Never resolved this for my Linux Roon setup. All these files are recognized by dbpoweramp. And play via windows install of Roon, or on LMS, or foobar2000.

Ogs, Agree re lossless but the original quality is 1950s radio so lossless is nice but it is almost impossible to hear the improvement.

Garym, Very interesting.

Then I guess a higher bitrate AAC or mp3 should be fine. You can easily check before you decide how to do it anyway.

Just transcode it to a form of lossy file Roon can read. Because the process will have been quite punitive to begin with, you won’t lose any information or quality. You will just end up with a bigger file.