Playing formation duos in stereo

How do I set up my bowers and wilkins formation duo speakers in stereo
some the filters and commands I see in the documentation do not show up in my phone app

To make them left right pair you would need to use DSP Procedural EQ and use the channel mixer and group them. You can’t set up DSP via mobile only via Tablet or desktop apps, mobile only allows switching DSP presets or turning it off and on. Unless B&W have a way to do it in their own software to assign left or right output only to a speaker. I would have thought though when you pair the two in their app it would show up as one speaker in Roon. Does it show up as individual speakers?

they are not showing up as a single unit

It’s been a year or longer since I set mine up, but I remember being frustrated with it as well at the time. The frustration came from B&W not providing clear instructions anywhere on how to create a stereo pair. Here’s what I recall doing…

  1. Set up just one Duo on your home WiFi network via the Formation app. DO NOT set up both of your Duo’s. This is where I (and most likely you) went wrong. Intuitively, it would make sense to set up both devices on your network, but apparently B&W uses a master & slave type configuration for creating a stereo pair.

  2. Once you have one set up, use the app to go into that Duo’s settings and create a stereo pair. The app walks you through it and once you are on the right path it is easy, it is just not how other manufacturers seem to do it.

  3. When the stereo pair is created within the Formation app, Roon will see it on your network as one endpoint. You are then good to go.

As an aside, I upsample the stream from my core to the stereo paired Duo’s as “Max PCM” via Roon’s DSP. This has been very stable with no dropouts and resolved some of the earlier issues I was having with my Duo’s. You of course can do whatever works for you. Good luck!