Playing hi res in multiple rooms


Not aware of any recent changes to the software, is there any way and how I can play hi res in two seperate rooms.

Hi Alice

At the moment you can send hi-res audio to different rooms over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network using a central Core and a Remote in each room. The Remote can be a computer or an Android device (but not iOS). Each Remote connects to an endpoint in it’s room by a private zone, which is controlled by that Remote.

In the near future, as devices become RoonReady or support RoonSpeakers you will be able to connect to those devices in other rooms as network zones (controlled by the Core and any Remote) without needing an intervening Remote.

At the moment you can also connect to AirPlay and Meridian devices in other rooms as network zones, but AirPlay is not hi-res.

So the remote can be a pc?

What are the hardware specs required for such a device.

I take it that my endpoint device can be an Oppo 105 in that room

Yes, a PC, Mac or Android.

These are the minimum specs.

Yes. Connect the PC to either the Toslink, Coaxial or USB digital inputs on the

Edit: It’s not currently possible to sync the same stream to separate Private zones using the above method. You can group Meridian zones together or AirPlay zones together. In the near future you will be able to group RAAT connected devices together (RoonReady and RoonSpeakers) and sync the same stream to such group.

The Remote can be a weaker system. The Roon Server machine, especially if it is feeding multiple high def streams, should be a reasonably beefy machine.

Thanks guys, I know what to get.

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Hi Guys,

Will a 2 GB ram mini pc run as a remote for this matter

i wouldn’t reccomend less than 4GB for a full Remote. 2GB could be enough for a stripped back OS and RoonSpeakers. I haven’t tried less than 8GB so can’t speak from experience.

What is the difference between full remote and roon speakers

A Remote is a full implementation of Roon including the user interface and all the control features. It configures the Core and saves changes to the database on the Core. It includes a version of RoonSpeakers which is how Private Zones are implemented.

RoonSpeakers will not have the Roon UI or control features. It will be a lightweight program that enables the device it runs on to operate as a Network Zone (ie: receive an audio stream over the network). It may be capable of just operating as a service (not sure about that).

What I’am trying to achieve is get the full Roon visual display running of the pipo mini pc, if I understand you correctly this is the Roon remote experience.

Yes that’s right. 2 GB RAM feels small for that. Let’s ask @brian.

I agree, 4 gb and verify your GPu can run open gl.