Playing songs from my phone to my AVR

I thought this was possible to do so. I downloaded Qobuz and installed, did the same for ROON. My AVR is a Marantz 7013 that had no problem connecting to ROON which is on my NUC. I downloaded ROON ARC to my Android. It seems that ROON and Qobuz are interacting since I can see my history. However, It does not see the music on my android and I am not able to stream to my Marantz. I can play my favorites that I selected on Qobuz on my android, but thats it.

Am I not understanding something?

Roon is designed to stream from a personal server to an endpoint. No Roon software streams from a cellphone to an endpoint.


I was also interested in this, I had a similar problem.

Roon Arc was designed as an endpoint itself. Either on your own WiFi network or away from home through your phone’s data connection.

You can use the normal Roon app on your phone to act as a remote control. This allows you to play music on your Marantz.

Roon itself appears to be setup on your NUC. In this case the NUC acts as your Roon server. It handles all the music and traffic to the endpoints.

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Ok thanks.

I assumed roon was the core and ARC was the peripheral device to control/play/direct etc from your phone.
So roon remote is what I’m looking to install then??

Roon core = Roon server (you can use almost any PC for that)
Room remote = what it says - control your music & settings
Roon ARC = play your music outside of your house - on the go via mobile

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Thanks for the clearing that up.

Another stupid question…
I have an Eversolo DMP-A6 being delivered today. Do I need the core on my NUC, or will the Eversolo facilitate this now? I think I read somewhere that people still use the ROON core for bit perfect transport?

Yes, you need a separate machine to run Roon Core.
The Eversolo is a Roon endpoint (Roon client device that plays the music)

I was unsure if it resided on the A6.

You can use Bluetooth or AirPlay if your AV supports it

I use an iPad 12.9 as Roon Remote and can play to the iPad speakers and connecting the iPad to my BT headphones works fine.

Nobody mentioned what resolution you were trying to achieve.

Anything better than MP3…lol.
So far, I’m really happy with it. My only complaint is how the information is aggregated. I setup a folder for me and my wife’s favorites and it does not keep the file/folder structures. It just dumps them and you have to recreate the structure again. That and Qobuz does not see my imports either.

It also needs a select all feature.

On phone/tablet, long press a track (or album etc) and I think a Select All menu appears? You can also then tap individual additional tracks to add to a selection.

On Mac/PC, there are more powerful multiselect features including range selection by holding the Shift key. The description on the above link is sadly not complete

Roon does not really work with folder/file structures, this is intentional.

Use Roon tags or separate profiles

Not sure what this means.