Playlist and album export without music files and/or external converter plugin/integration

One the few things I really miss from Jriver after the switch to Roon is the ability to convert directly albums and playlist from the library.
For example with JRMC I could choose albums or playlists I like and convert them directly to mp3 for car use.
Now I know that Roon and JRMC are different things and I don’t want absolutely Roon to become like JRMC or other Media Center but I’d like to have a simple way to convert my files not within Roon but starting from Roon library.
So I’ve been thinking about to solutions:

  1. Possibility to export playlist and albums without music files (for example you can use a switch “files on/Off” in export inconfiguration) but creating m3u files (both for playlist and albums) so that the user can use the m3u files outside Roon with external converter like for example Xrecode. I think this could be the simple solution.
  2. plugin/addon or integration with external converter, like a “Send playlist/albums to”.