Playlist and photo with queue?

I have 4 DAC’s
1* Tube DAC Peter van Willenswaard
2* Brooklyn DAC+ (mqa)
4* Keces S3 DAC
and 4 music sources
1* SD card (PC)
2* SOtM 200 Ultra
3* SotM 1000
4* Tidal
and 4 playlist from the 4 sources.
Here is my request, when i play from 1 playlist and i jump to a other playlist than i can’t see the name of the playlist. When i press a photo from a artist then it is also gone. Can the name of the playlist stay visible?
Here is another question, when i select the photo van the artist than it is in fullscreen, so far so good but when i select queue then the photo disappears, is it possible that the queue becomes visible at the right of the photo of the artist?


Are you asking can this be achieved now or is this a future features request?

I believe he’s asking can this be done now. I would also like to be able to see the name of the playlist somewhere while it’s playing. Feature request.

Welcome Fons!

I think, not now but in the near future, say next week, :rofl:


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If you want it as a feature request I can move it to that section.

If you will, thank you.
I am from The Netherlands, so if my grammar is not so good, please forgive me

A lot better than my Dutch. Done.