Playlist and User management API

I am planning to control Roon from my own app. I found API for controlling playback, browsing library.
But I need Playlist and User management API. I didn’t found this APIs. Are such APIs are available?

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Good news hearing there’s a start to an API, however it seems to be tailored expressly for playing music alone.

I’m interested in transferring my starred songs in Subsonic over to Roon, but the playlist watch folder import process is far too clunky for me. I’d like to programmatically create playlists for Roon for:

  1. transferring playlists from other services eg subsonic via bash + roon API processing of m3u
  2. creating playlists within Roon itself, eg a trigger that adds a ‘loved’ song to a running playlist so that it is searchable from my iPhone roon app.

The subsonic API is handy for playlist management in case anyone wants a reference:

EDIT: I’ve made a feature request in github issues as well

Late to the party here, but I’d also really like to see some way to externally manipulate playlists… for instance, I’d like to integrate MediaMonkey (which I use for all my library maintenance) with Roon, to export playlists into Roon.