Playlist by roon

How to you update or remove this. Not sure where roon is getting this info for a playlist I don’t even know who these artists are.

You cant update or remove them as far as I know, they are auto-generated content from Roon. You can ignore them of course!

I wouldn’t mind the playlist if it was music I listen to

Well, there are a couple I like, and a couple I’ve tried. I wish I could “bookmark” some, reorder, dismiss some, or do something else that signals “intention” as Roon likes to say. I’m certainly pro - the choral and Lieder and Arias are great, but I’d love ones that are more classic rock forgotten greats, hard bop, organ jazz, a day in Greenwich village 1966, etc. but you can’t have everything right away and everyone’s preferences are different.

I’m pro the concept, and I think this is version 1.0.


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These are not auto generated. They are human created playlists that Roon worked out how to embed in Tidal and Qobuz to be pulled into this section of Roon homepage. If you hit More, you’ll see some are identified by a name. Roon I think are Roon staff (they should give the person credit!). This set of playlists changes slowly, every couple weeks it seems.

As I understand it, this feature may get matured in the future, maybe to reflect genres (speculation).

The auto generated playlists from Valence are called “Your Daily Mixes”.

To address your point, there is a feature request to allow the Home content to be re-ordered or for blocks to be supressed. Look for and vote for that request.


Yes you are right I should have said curated content.

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