Playlist cover art icons

This is such a small irritation I’ve kept it to myself for ages, but tonight as I watched the cover art icons for my playlists on my iPad gradually, slowly, inexorably load I thought, let’s get my frustration out there!

I mean, surely these little icons can be stored on the device? Or maybe if picking 4 pics is taking all the time let’s just leave it to one cover per playlist? I’ve tried increasing the cache storage in settings but this has no effect at all so I can only presume these tiny pictures are being transmitted across the network every blooming time I load up.

There, it’s out and I feel better now! :face_with_monocle:

I hadn’t previously noticed this problem, locally i have no delay on shorter playlists but 2 hours plus and it’s very slow loading the icons. Device = ipad pro 12.9 256GB (late 2019).

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