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Has this issue been progressed from the last query in 2015? I love everything about Roon but I would welcome the opportunity to change artwork for playlists I have created from Tidal tracks. Specifically I am currently recreating several iconic 60s and 70s label rock samplers which are not available as complete albums on Tidal. It would “put icing on the cake” if I could use the original cover art rather than the composite generated.
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I have got my own question back with no response from Roon after 16 days. Is there a problem?


This is not a response to the previous post but my question does relate to cover art.

Which is the view/cover art mode that can be used when playing a playlist so that the album cover art changes when a song from another album/artist is played?
Also, is there any hope that Roon might create a “cover flow” mode analogous to what iTunes proposed (a century ago it seems!)? It had an extremely aesthetic look and, when browsing, felt like going through vinyl albums in a box at a music store.
In the mean time I am enjoying being able to magnify album art to full screen size on my iMac (which is so much better than the thumb nail size most players -including iTunes- seem to offer today).
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I suggest that both Playlists and Tags (and Bookmarks) should be capable of custom artwork rather than the composite. Probably Genres as well. The composite is way better than some sort of symbol, but user chosen graphics would be wonderful.

Gonna throw my vote in for this as well. However based on OP’s statement of a request for this multiple years ago now I’m assuming we won’t see this go anywhere.

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I was wondering whether I could suggest a (possible) improvement - would it be possible, in the main view, to show only one genre of music? So instead of seeing my music as a whole, I could see only classical, or jazz, for example. This would be another way to search through my music by browsing through the cover art (instead of using the search function). If this functionality already exists, please let me know.

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From what I can tell, any playlist that streams from Tidal itself is not editable in any way, shape or form, and there is nothing Roon can do about that, as that would impact the database on Tidal’s servers. If, though, it is a playlist of music you added to your library from Tidal, it appears that you have the same Roon edit capabilities that you would have for music in your physical library.

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Thanks Neil (apologies for the belated response). Just to clarify, I don’t stream music from the net - I only play from a 2Tb physical library. I typically start with the “albums” view which mixes all genres from classical to metal. I would really be useful (if anything in terms of library management) to be able to see an “albums” view per genre, i.e. in the albums view I would select the fusion tag, and only I would see a mosaic of the albums tagged as fusion.

Does this change your response ?

PS any reaction to one of my earlier posts regarding the possibility of having a cover flow similar to what iTunes used to offer. Also, regarding cover art for the albums, might there be in the future a possibility to add the back cover of an album ?

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I’d throw in my 2 cents for ability to edit album art for a playlist. This would be specifically good if one had a compilation album (say Citizien Steely Dan) and one wanted to make a playlist for each of the albums it contains.

how is that not a feature yet. its so simple to implement.

Just bought a year of Roon following a recommendation and how is it not possible to add custom artwork to playlists? This is crazy!! Out of all the features it has and this basic hasn’t been implemented. I hope I’ve not just wasted £120.