Playlist doesnt load (infinite loading screen) while connected to android auto

Lately tried to use roon arc on android auto again in a car but for some reason any playlist i try to load doesnt open and shows loading animation only. I can only see tracks when i’m on home main page.

I am out of ideas. Connection over 4G is great as i have listened my tidal source playlist before and when i play songs from home screen then they will play fine without connection issues.

Is there a issue why my own playlist arent working while using android auto arc? When i tried directly from phone, then arc loads playlists fine.

Phone: Samsung S9 Android 10
RoonArc 1.0 (177) beta driver enabled and offline mode disabled.

Having the exact same issue. Roon Arc works fine outside of Android Auto but trying to use it through AA gets me a “getting selection” infinite loading screen when picking something to play, it will play the song I selected but will stay on stuck that screen and my steering wheel controls for changing tracks do not work. Plexamp, Tidal and Spotify all work in Android Auto so I know it’s not an issue with AA. Other times I can’t even load the home page and get an infinite loading circle. Have you ever found a solution or is AA implementation just buggy?

LG V60 on Android 13
RoonArc 1.0 (177)
I’d like to note I’m using wireless Android Auto.