Playlist Feature Requests (post 1.8)

Top Feature requests relating to Playlists.

  • Playlist View list options:

    • Have a field picker like an individual Playlist has with headings
    • On Playlist list, add Number of Plays and make it sortable.
    • On Playlist list, add date created for Playlists and make it sortable.
  • In a Playlist, have a pencil next to the Playlist name, or allow double click to edit playlist name. Editing Playlist name is a very frequent action. Most streaming services allow this.

  • Great to have a four-album-icon next to playlists, would like to customize that or just have a refresh button that would pick four new album covers

  • Would like an option on screen, or in Settings, to make the Playlist View “Compact” - no icons, Playlist Title (# Songs in parentheses) and skip the duration of playback in tight view. ON my laptop I only get about 5 playlists shown on screen. For sure use Compact view when i put something in Filter as now I am trying to locate something and i want to scen the results

  • Add Playlists box on top of HOME screen. Replace Composers. Could be a setting where you pick which boxes on Home screen and in what order. Playlists missing there is a big miss for me

  • “Play Now” (from an Album) should always play Albums in order (with brief user message) “Shuffle turned off”, overriding Shuffle Setting. Have a separate menu choice for Shuffle album. I want to have shuffle ON for playlists, but not have that affect Album playback


Ability to move multiple selected
Ability to cut & paste
Shuffle playlist
Make playlist UI more the same as album tracks view.

… just some basic features, like for example Spotify.


Cross posting my post from last year on how playlists could be improved…

That was on a thread from 2016 so not holding out much hope, but who knows maybe playlists will become the big feature of Roon 1.9 :wink:

+1 for ability to select and move multiple tracks


And of course, the ability to run Roon Radio from an entire Playlist.

Get Track suggestions at the bottom of a Playlist (like Spotify and Tidal).


And please introduce a toggle to ‘Lock’ the order of an existing playlist.

Don’t need permissions and privilege hierarchy in Roon for this in its simplest form, just a manual lock/unlock toggle for a playlist.


Seems odd to add ideas as this obviously doesn’t get addressed. As mentioned here, there is an own thread running for years with many valuable suggestions. Playlists is unfortunately still a very weak area in Roon.


Addition and deletion of tracks to playlists should be equivalent! Currently, it is much easier to add than it is to delete!!! For example, you can add a selection of albums to a playlist but you can’t delete a selection of albums or tracks…you are forced to do it track by track!!!


In a playlist you can filter by Album, then select all in the filtered list, then the red Remove button. I think that does what you want?

The news about Spotify hi quality made me jump into Spotify this week for fun. Playlist Folders - amazing (you can play and shuffle the whole folder of playlists).

Radio from a playlist!

Easy URLs to share playlists.

Suggested additional tracks to try out and add to your playlist.

Spotify is very Playlist-centric, Roon is very Album/ Artist centric.


Yeah, the playlists worked really well too. I liked the different daily playlists that they provided for me. Each day they were different. They always mixed in a couple of track I didn’t know to look up later. those were cool

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Shortcut to add to current playing track last playlist would be nice.

I can’t picture how this would work in Roon.

There is a similar feature in Lightroom for photos. You designate one Collection (equivalent of a Playlist) as the “Target”. Then when you hit the shortcut “b” (not sure why that letter), it toggles the current photo into and out of the collection and tells you on screen what happened.

In Roon, it does keep track of the last playlist you added to, and puts that on the top of the dialog box, but I’m not aware of a keyboard shortcut.

It would just add the current playing track to the last playlist that had a track added. No need to create a collection or the likes, speaking of Lightroom, would be great to be able to create smart collections. The Roon devs certainly have their work cut out so I’m not expecting any features I request to be implemented, sometimes it’s just good to get ideas out there.

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When you say “shortcut”, you mean a keyboard command? It also has to work for iPad so might need to be a button, or under the three dot menu. What do you think about the ideas in the OP in this thread, any you like or dislike?

Yeah a keyboard shortcut, on the iPad it could be linked to a 3 finger tap or something else, although I’m not using my iPad or iPhone with Roon until the app is more stable. Would be great to have the shortcuts user configurable. I use the the Magic Trackpad 2 on my MBP, there’s tons of configurability with Bettertouchtool.

I like the sound of all your suggestions, except the “brief user message”, they irritate me, just a pet peeve with software in general.

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Search function for curated playlists in Tidal would be more than nice. Audirvana can do that.


Copied from an older thread:
Please, please, please warn me if a track already exists in a playlist when I try to add a track to a playlist. If Apple Music and Spotify can do it, so can Roon. The Qobuz app also lacks this feature, but I’m sure Roon can do better.


All my Tidal playlist I would like to have in Roon. Including the “automatic” ones… like “my most listsend”, “My mix 1” (until my mix 6), “my History” “February 2021”, “2020” etc.
Nothing of this is found today in version 1.8

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Here’s a simply implemented playlist enhancement I would find super useful. Not sure if it would interest others.
I have a lot of large, legacy playlists (.m3u), and a number of perl scripts for maintaining, checking, modifying, and creating new combination playlists. Roon did a good job of importing my playlists, and they work great in roon. But if I create a playlist in roon, and want to export it as a .m3u, roon automatically also exports the files. (!). All I want is a copy of the playlist for my scripts. If I have a 2000 track playlist, the export creates a 1k text m3u file and many GB of duplicate music files.

How about a simple check box on the export? “m3u file only”. small bit of user interface code, and a few line mod in the export script.


Thanks for gathering these playlist feature requests together. Will our feedback here in comments contribute to their implementation in a future release?

Here are a few of my high priority playlist improvements I would like to see.

  • Playlist sorting by date added
  • Roon playlist export or sharing
  • Imported Qobuz playlist tracks should show a playlist link in album view if “Show playlist links” is enabled in settings

This last one, show playlist link for imported playlist tracks, is possibly a can of worms. Is it clear what I want? Right now all of my imported Qobuz playlists do not show the playlist link when I view any of those tracks in album view. Even if I save a local copy of an imported playlist it does not produce a playlist link on those tracks in album view. Show playlist link only seems to work, for me, for Roon playlists created after the tracks in the playlist are already in my library. I would like this feature extended to imported playlists.