Playlist History - option to retain played items in the playlist

As a music listener I guess I can accept the playlist clearing off played items into the history section. I don’t understand however why an option could not be added to enable the playlist to retain all played items.

As a reviewer, for audio equipment comparisons, it is simply unworkable to use Roon this way because I need to play the same range of tracks repeatedly, going back and forth through the list all the time. As a result I am forced back to using other programs for this purpose while I would prefer to use Roon throughout.

Please? Can this be made into an option?

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Would putting the tracks in a play list help?

And you can then bookmark a playlist.

Thanks for the response, but naturally I already tried this. It doesn’t work for me, having to keep reloading the playlist. To add to this, the new feature which now gives the optioin between “start from here” and “play this now”, while undoubtedly handy for some, is adding to the unworkability for me. I’d prefer this new feature to be an option, along with the option to set default behaviour when clicking a track, like “add to playlist”, or “play now”. Call me old fashioned but I’d like my playlist to be static once created.

Have you tried turning loop on?

If you click loop on the queue screen, tracks are added back to end of the queue after they finish playing. You can continue to add new tracks, but nothing ever leaves the queue. Does that help?

Indeed I tried this and while it does keep the tracks visible in the list, it still shuffles the list. I’d like it to just remain static because I tend to click around in the list a lot while making comparisons.

@Mike It wasn’t until now I noticed that you can play files from the playlist directly. They won’t move position and also aren’t cleared off the list after play. Although this doesn’t look as pretty as using the Queue due to the lack of artwork in the list or the top bar, it will work for me.