Playlist Management

I have and use a lot of playlists. Roon would add more value if i could organize playlists in to some set of groups, e.g. Classical Playlists, Playlists created in 2016, iTunes Playlists, To be Discovered, etc. As it is now, it is just a long long list of playlists.


Try using tags?

Hmmmm, I have been sensing there is conflict/overlap with Playlists and Tags… Could you give an example of how Tags would work with Playlist organization? For me, Playlists are often generated in Tidal and then present themselves in ROON/Playlists.

“Overlap” in the sense that one can use tags to assemble a queue (or a playlist I suppose). But that’s not what I was referring to here. In this case, this is about grouping playlists under a Tag.

Be sure that all your Tidal playlists are added to your Roon library. Once they are “in Roon” you can add Roon Tags. Create a Tag called “Classical Playlists.” Then in your list of playlists, click on it and “add to tag” - add the playlist to the Tag you just created.

Now, when you go to the Tags section of Roon, when you click on that Tag, you see a collection of your Playlists that have been Tagged “Classical Playlists.”

That’s half of it. Then , you’d use bookmarks to come to that view again so you don’t have to go through the menu. You can also add Tags to Tags so that you can organize them sort of hierarchically.

This is the workaround for Roon’s folder-phobia. Because if you were able to put your playlists into folders or some other hierarchical container, the oceans will boil.

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There is a lot missing from playlist management in Roon IMO. Some of it can be relieved by using tags as @James_I suggests, but also it would be good to have some native playlist features added;

  • Ordering by date created, most played, track count etc
  • Proper playlist display with larger ‘cover art’ like album view rather than the flat list
  • Maybe genre assignment, even if it is manual at playlist creation-time so they can be included in wider genre searching/filtering
  • Custom description

Im sure there is other stuff I havent thought of. Equally if anyone knows how to get any of the above to work as is, please spill the beans!


Oceans would boil … they certainly would.

Thanks - appreciate the guidance. I will explore this bit. Agree with Tim @Tim_Rhodes also that some native playlist features as he suggests (more ordering choices, genre assignment, etc) would be helpful and doubtful to even warm the ocean.

Really I don’y understand why the playlist management in Roon is so restricted. I too use a lot of playlists, and I don’t like the idea of creating a local copy in Roon, because I would have two versions of the same playlist. No way. And I want to be able to add a track (in Roon) to a Tidal playlist and have it sync. Seems strange to be able to do it only in one way…
Kind of a big problem for me to go all the way in Roon + Tidal… No news about Roon implementing it any time soon?


My biggest gripe is Roon having multiple classes (Local, Roon and Tidal/Qobuz) of playlists. Where only the Roon playlists get any kind of metadata treatment and management abilities. To apply any metadata (tags etc) you need to clone the local/Tidal playlist “into Roon”, now creating duplicates, except these (duplicate) playlists are going to diverge over time as you edit either the source or Roon playlist - this is a huge problem!

I understand Roon does not want to edit non Roon objects, but it has the right idea with albums, where Roon applies metadata to the local/Tidal album - presenting a richer view of the source object. It should do the same with playlists.

In other words, If I don’t need to duplicate the album to bring it “into Roon” to apply metadata, why do I need to do that with playlists?


Hopefully the team will add a new member that is an avid playlist user as they’ve stated in the past (~ a year or two ago) none of the current developers really use playlists. It painfully shows.

I’ve resigned to only using Qobuz and Tidal playlists and NOT adding to Roon to avoid the duplication and loss twice when my db has gone sideways over the years.

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It’s not hard… Playlists are just user created Albums - the only difference is the lack of a reference version associated with it for meta data. Everything else should be the same as an album (cover art, description, genre, tags, dedicated viewer etc.)

I doubt there are any great technical hurdles, it’s just not been an interest or focus to date.

These are my observations only and what I’ve read here…I don’t speak for Roon.

Interesting but strange as it seems to me that a lot of users are asking for better playlist management… Roon should care more about the users wishes, as the software is quite expensive… Coming from Apple Music/itunes and being an avid playlist user, it is really complex to get used to the way Roon works… But the interface is far better and sound quality is everything. Yet, considering the price, it should be less complex and more user friendly imho


I was going to start a new thread, but my requests may sit better here.

My biggest issues with playlists are the forced manipulation (e.g. moving a track higher or lower in the list) of a SINGLE track. Why can’t I select multiples to move, delete form the list etc? (or if it IS possible, please point me at how).

The issue of cover art has display, I think, been raised elsewhere here, but I haven’t seen my pet peeve described explicitly. Often cover art from some previous track remains displayed long after the track is played and another SHOULD be displayed. This seems particularly prevalent when changing endpoint.


Still no news about this issue? very disappointing. I really don’t understand how Roon is simply ignoring this feature as it is really important. Too much of a hassle to manage between Tidal and Roon!