Playlist of Playlists

I create playlists for almost all of my music. I play music as background 24x7. It would be nice to be able to create a “master” playlist then add other playlists (not the contents of that playlist) to this master. Part of the reason for this tiered approach is the shuffle limitations. Once created, I would queue the master playlist and playback would then open each sub-playlist one at a time and play the contents of that playlist. I can add and remove as many playlists as I want while each playback of an individual playlist is shuffled separately. Enabling the Repeat functionality with the master playlist would result in non-stop playing of months or years worth of music.

I tend to manage my music at the album level only and within my own created genre groups.

Hi Robert,

You can kinda do this now, if you have Roon based playlists. You can add a Roon playlist to a Tag, I call it Playlist_Tag.

I have added 3 playlists to the playlist Tag, then I go to the tag, I can select all of the tagged playlists, and then click, Play, etc etc as in this pic

Tags are one of the most unknown options in Roon, but, also, one of the most powerful.

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