Playlist, Offline mode, iTunes non-default enhancements

I’m still in the trial period of testing Roon. But I’m really impressed by the overall approach, user friendliness. Roon helps discovering my own music and opens new music doors for me. Great tool and I will be a new permanent user soon. Roon and Tidal: a perfect combination.

Related to playlists I’m using iTunes for while and I’m used to a more compressed playlist style. Here are my requests:

  1. Influence number of playlists on a screen. Now a fixed format size is used for showing all playlists (album art and text below). A list of only playlist names would be great as view option as well.
  2. Playlist view options; as as far as I see only a song-view is provided. My playlist also contain e.g. albums. So view options like Songs, Albums, Artist, genre, composer
  3. Creation of smart playlists. I know bookmarks are a alternative but then you have TWO places to access ‘playlists’ which is to my believe not consistent. I would like to see all selections in one place.
  4. Provide an option to flag ‘offline’ music. I see no option in Roon adding music to my iPhone e.g. I need to use iTunes for that still.
  5. Import iTunes from a non-default location
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  • Plus 1 for allow playlists to be displayed at different sizes or with list view.
  • Plus 1 for allowing different views of playlists, esp album view!
    No objection to other suggestions. :blush:

Will any of the playlist enhancement requests in this thread be implemented in a future release of Roon? Or does Roon have other playlist enhancement ideas perhaps?