Playlist question

I started a playlist with favorite tracks from albums in my library and some Add to Library selections. Played it several times. Then one day I noticed 3 of the tracks had duplicates in the playlist. Don’t know how or when it happened. No one else in the house uses Roon yet so it had to be something I did.

Can I delete the 3 duplicate tracks from the playlist without affecting the originals? Or can I delete the playlist and start over. I don’t want the tracks to be deleted from my library.

Id imagine you can delete the 3 duplicates without effecting the originals, but to be honest I am only guessing. Pain to have to your library effected from the edit, hopefully you get it sorted.

Thanks, it’s the not knowing that has me concerned. Hopefully someone that has done it will respond here. I’ll wait awhile and see. I have the cd, somewhere, so if the track originals were deleted from my drive I could rip them again but I would probably have to delete the album then rip/import it again.

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Removing items from the playlist will not delete them from your library.

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Ya I know what you about the not knowing, hopefully someone will respond mabe try tagging support and you might get a reply from someone who knows.

Thank you. I did remove the duplicates. Appreciate the response.