Playlist Start Time to End

I have been testing DACS to find one that, to be blunt, sound significantly better than any other. And in this process I have several 1 minute REFERENCE track sections I use to AB test.

I would love a play list feature that allowed me to edit start and end times. Also if this were true allow me to add the same track several times with different start and end times.

For AB testing this would help, but also for other playlists like birthdays, funerals, or presentation introductions, this concept can be used. It is like editing without editing…

Cross fade between would be great. Like a DJ mix tool if you would.

As always, love me ROON… keep up the great work.


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Yesterday I had two tracks to the same opera but they we cut differently. To listen to both tracks one needed to start at 3:12 and the other at 0:100:
It so so so easy to add a start time / end time to playlists… So so easy…

Please please please make Roon more useful.and 99.99987% of the playlist tools in the Universe!