Playlist track selection adds all tracks to the queue

I am using the iPad as the remote device: Can I select and add to the Queue, one track only from a playlist located in “My Stuff”, in this case my personal TIDAL playlist? If I add a track it adds the entire playlist from that track down. eg 95 items in playlist, add first track and all 94 are added. Add say 10th track and 84 are then added.

If not please suggest a way to access my favourites from TIDAL and add only one or several selected tracks to the Queue.

In the actual TIDAL app, selecting random items from the playlist adds only those selected items to the Tidal queue.


Hey @Howard_Ipp – you can long-tap (or right-click on desktop) to select one or more songs if you don’t want the rest of the playlist to be queued.

More detail about why it works that way can be found here:

Hope that helps!

Hi Howard,

Try long press the one track and then click Play at the top of the screen. Then click Add to Queue.

Cheers, Greg

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Hey Mike,

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Cheers, Greg

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Mike, Greg,

That works perfectly. Thanks for such quick responses! And the explanation of the ROON thoughts on Queue track selections.


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Hi, I thought this would be the best thread to post into as I’m having a similar issue - and the desktop app on my Mac doesnt give me the option to add a single track. it adds all the remaining tracks to the currently playing list.

if you select from an album you can add individual tracks, but not from an existing playlist.

As much as there is no doubt that Roon is offering me higher quality output via my chord mojo - its audible, and I’m sure I’ll get it sounding even better once I’ve fiddled with the settings. However, this lack of being able to add single tracks from existing playlists to the currently playing list of tracks is a deal breaker for me… its soooo frustrating!!

I am still on my trial period, and am testing it out, and yes, usually I just put on an album and let it play, but sometimes i feel like throwing a playlist together and the places i know where the tracks are are most likely 100% on other playlists I’ve made up, or subscribed too… so i jump to them and pick them - and ended up with 32549 track in my queue…

Is this a setting I can change? is it a fixed part of the application that simply works like this? is there anything in the pipeline to change this?


There isn’t a setting right now, although there are some feature requests open to add additional playback options, and we do take that feedback seriously.

Right now, the default behavior on most screens (such as album screens) is that when you click a track we just play the single track. The secondary option (Play From Here) is available from the “three dots” menu next to each track, which will queue the rest of the track list.

For the moment, I don’t think we’re going to change the default behavior of the playlist screens, but we are going to add the “play” functionality to that same menu. I just opened up a ticket internally to get this done, and you can expect to see that change in a future build.

I explained some of the thinking behind this distinction in the post linked above. We’ve heard a reasonable amount of feedback about why playlists function differently than other screens. While we haven’t made a change yet, we are always listening and using that feedback to make the product better, so keep it coming @Christiaan_Beukes.


Hi Mike (and Christiaan),
Mike I thought that the issue Christiaan is noting is the same one I referred to above on August 16, 2016.
And your response was and I quote:

“you can long-tap (or right-click on desktop) to select one or more songs if you don’t want the rest of the playlist to be queued”.

I regularly add 1 song from a playlist to my current playing queue by the long click/or tap and hold, and then click the PLAY button which appears near the top of the screen. After clicking this “PLAY” button, the usual options of play now, add next or add to queue are displayed, and then clicking one of those 3 options results in the ONE selected track from the playlist being added to the current playing playlist.

I may be reading something in this question from Christiaan incorrectly, so please correct me if I have misunderstood the query from Christiaan.



Ah, ok, I have figured it out.
From a UI perspective if you want to add tracks to a queue from Artists, Albums, Tracks, or Compositions then its anywhere between 4 and 6 logical clicks to get to add that track.

For adding a track from a playlist the logic is different as you have to right click, move the mouse to the top of the window, click play, and then click add to queue. its still 6 clicks but you’ve moved the target.

For a noob like me this was what caught me. after having done it 5 times with the other methods, it stumped me on this one. it just didnt make sense. However, having now played around with the various methods, I can see where works when selecting multiple tracks from an existing playlist now.

Still wrapping my head around usage and functionality :slight_smile: