Playlist unavailable in Roon but available in Tidal App

I was using the Tidal app this AM, searching for playlists. I found one titled “The Music of Jóhann Jóhannsson,” which I searched for in the Roon app using the search icon. The playlist didn’t show up. Anything I can do to change this behavior?

I don’t think Tidal playlists are searchable from Roon at this time (someone please correct me if I’m wrong here).

You can favourite the playlist in the Tidal app, so it will appear in your Playlists section in Roon after the next sync:

I also found it in Roon while browsing Tidal playlists (Tidal > Playlists > New > View all):

(Fourth screen, second row, second item).

@RBM Thank you for the information on using a favorite to have it show up in the Roon app. With regard to your second reply, I am in the same location that you are in (Tidal > Playlists > New > View all) and I am unable to find the playlist. Is there a sync of some sort required?

Nope – this is more or less a ‘live’ Tidal view. I’m surprised you’re seeing anything different than I am – have you swiped to the fourth screen?

I have far more than four screens to view, however, my resolution/screen size must be different than yours. Here is what I see about 50% of the way through the list…