Playlist Volume Level [Answered]

I have found where I can use DSP to do volume levelling for an output zone.
While Album is useful I have more of a problem with volume level in playlists.
Would it be possible to either treat playlists as albums or add support for playlists in the DSP?
I assume that an Album and a Playlist are similar: pre-defined collections of music, stored in Roon.
Playlists may be BIG so I could see that might be a problem.
I would love it if I could play a playlist without the volume control next to me!
Thank you.

The Album leveling is there so songs on the albums have the volume relative to each other the artist/mastering engineer intended. This is more important on albums with gapless tracks such Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

For a playlist of random tracks, track leveling is the better option as it keeps the relative volume between tracks similar so you don’t need to adjust the volume all the time. Track leveling makes it so I almost never want to adjust the volume n a listening session.

Perfect, thank you Scott.

Use volume leveling “auto” and you have it right for albums and playlists and no need for changing the setting anymore.