Playlist - will tidal playlist on Roon go away if tidal is canceled?

My tidal playlists automatically appear on Roon. I use qobuz too. If I cancel Roon will tidal playlists go away? How can I consolidate so I keep tidal created lists on Roon?

Do you mean cancel roon or tidal?

Yes if tidal is canceled, do the tidal lists go away?

Wouldn’t they have to go away? If they were created in Tidal, they are linked to files in Tidal. If you cancel Tidal, the links go away. So, either they go away or they are useles because the links are gone. Maybe there is a way to recreate them with links to Qobuz.

The playlists remain but obviously don’t link to anything.
You can migrate tidal playlists (not tidal playlists in roon, actual tidal playlists) to Qobuz using Soundiiz.