Playlists, albums and artists in Tidal not synced to Roon

Why are my playlists, albums and artists in Tidal not synced to Roon? There are already some entries in this direction here, but obviously nothing is happening to improve Roon?

Without any information on your set up it’s hard to know really.

Hello, I use Tital on my smartphone when I am out and about. I add various albums and artists to my playlist. Unfortunately, these added albums and artists are not displayed in Roon when I want to use Tidal via Roon on my devices at home. Therefore I have to add my newly added music selection in Roon again at home. Of course I always use the same user in Tidal, whether via Roon or directly.

This is my use case. What role does my setup play in this, or exactly what information is needed?