Playlists by Roon - Favorite and/or sort function

I like the playlists by Roon feature, but it’s hard to keep tihngs in perspective, since most titles and pictures don’t help in identifying which music/genres the playlist contains. The more playlists you add the more difficult it becomes. Also to keep track of which playlists I like, which I don’t and which are just okay.

Thus I suggest two features:

  1. Being able to like/favorite a playlist in order to easily find them again
  2. Being able to sort them. Maybe at least alphabetically or by date of creation, I don’t know. Or by rating if a rating system would be available. You get the idea.

@econaut All that you have outlined can already be achieved.

If you click the 3 dots to the right of the play options you can select save a local copy. It will then show in your Playlists.

You can then use tags or bookmarks to identify anything that you want in that playlist so you can easily find anything that you may want to specifically remember.

And when you go to playlists you have the dropdown menu to the right to allow you sort by name (which you can edit) or by date modified.


Thanks, but as I understand some of these playlists get updated sometimes or even regularly. With your workaround these updates won’t transfer to the local copy.

Where there is a will there is normally a way. Can I suggest you do some experimentation with the playlists, and you may get an idea of what can and can’t be done and how often you want to check on the playlists to see what has been added. You can then check the songs out, keep ‘‘em in the playlist if you like them, or delete them if you don’t.

For example: I saved Sarah’s Picks on 1Apr22 with 49 songs as a Playlist. Today her Roon Sarah’s Picks is 101 Songs. So I clicked the save to playlist button and added it to my existing Sarah’s Picks 1Apr22. As you can see it then gave me 158 Tracks in Total so there have been other tracks added and removed since 1 April 22. I then clicked on the settings wheel to the very right of the playlist header and selected the Show Duplicates only option at the bottom of the list. It then tells me there are 48 duplicates between the 2 merged Roon Playlists from April and from Today.

I can then select one copy of each duplicate by pressing on iPad or right mouse click on iMac, hit the red remove button up the top right and have left the playlist with no duplicates. You could try this weekly, monthly or yearly depending on how often you want to check the playlist.

Hope that helps in some way.

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Thanks again for taking the time to sort this out and exemplifying. It’s a workaround that works, but I must admit I am too lazy to do it this way.

Off topic: I hope playlist management will take a huge leap with Roon 2.0 and I really miss the easy playlist and queue management of my Foobar2000 days.

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No problem at all.

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