Playlists by Roon

What is “Playlists by Roon”? I have my own Playlists, but they advertise this as an option on your Home Screen. It is not on my home screen.

They are playlist created by Roon staff. They should be there if you scroll down on the Home Screen.

(Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea why Roon’s Valence AI thinks that I want a Diana Krall Daily Mix. I played a single DK song ever, just to hear what the audiophiles listen to, and I don’t need a mix :rofl:)

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One of my favorites.

Tastes differ and just not my thing, I was musing more about how Valence could have gotten that idea. Literally one single song played, and that probably not to the end.

I get a Django Bates mix a few times a week.

I have no clue who or why, but the frequency is making me avoid it out of childishness.

Apart from this one they are spot on and I look forward to them. Got a fabulous Cat Power mix out of it, for instance

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I listen to one or 2 a day myself. Just that one cracks me up. As I said pure childishness.

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Well I do not get Valence or Daily mixes either. Is it because I do not have any streaming services? I only use my own library for music. I know I do have the latest software installed.

I believe so yes. You need either service to get those recommendations.

Ah! Yes. Only local Roon Radio for you

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