Playlists not showing when adding new titles

Recently I went to add some titles to a playlist. When I click ‘Add to Playlist’, none of my old titles appear. Yet they are there when I look at ‘Playlists’ from the menu. Any ideas? Is this perhaps a result of upgrades? I probably haven’t created any since before 2.0.

You mean you do not see this list?

Same for tags or bookmarks?

Here are my playlists sorted by date added, except the list goes on much longer:

But when I select a new title to add to a playlist, the only one that comes up is one that I just created, none of the others:

Are you using the app under a different profile?

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As far as I know, I have only one profile. And why would all of the playlists show from the main menu but not the the “add to” window?

Have you done basic troubleshooting like rebooting everything?

You can only add in Roon to playlists made in Roon. If you want to add to a playlist made in Tidal or Qobuz you’ll have to like it in their app.

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Hi rcaudio,
I guess I face a similar problem since I just updated to ROON 2.0 / build 1368. I added also a title of an album to a playlist and it doesn’t show in the title list the added playlist - even if the title has been successfully added to my existing playlist. So it sounds like a bug (displaying problem) in ROON. Platform: Mac OS X / Sonoma 14.2.1.

Have you turned on the “Show playlist links” in Roon’s Settings > General?
(note that these settings are per Roon remote device - they are not applied across all your devices)

OK - that was my mistake! Missed in on my other computer!