Playlists now do not sort by Artist or Album

I have playlists created on Roon that all of a sudden that do not sort by Artist or by Album. This was a quick and easy feature–before the latest update?. Now does not work. Oh and the Track numbers for playlists that were once a feature are still not there.

Hi is this on a small screen device?

I ask as I’ve just checked this on a number of devices.

These have the sort by option:

  • Windows 10 PC
  • Windows 11 PC
  • iPad

This does not:

  • iPhone

I don’t recall it ever being available on my iPhone, but it’s not my go to device for Roon so may be mistaken.

Same on Android phone Carl, no track numbers shown or sortable by album/ artist.
I think that’s always been the case on the small phone format.

This is a HP laptop with Windows 10.

Ok, well have you tried the basics like rebooting the Roon Core machine and that laptop?

Clarify that the HP laptop is the core. Usual reboot to no avail. Again this was no an issue prior.

Then I really am not sure what is happening here as that is not what myself or Carl see from a Window’s console.
I checked a couple of playlists on a Acer desktop and Dell laptop both on Win10.
Hopefully someone else or @support will have further suggestions.

Phone ui used to have travk numbers
They were removed awhile ago.

Similar issue here seems to have been resolved by ensuring everything is up to date:

The Roon update on 2/28/2023 fixed this issue.


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