Playlists vs Favorites

If I’m listening to an album or a track in the album and want to add it to a playlist, I can create a new playlist, if one doesn’t already exist for my purpose, and go from there.

It seems to me this process could be approached from another direction. If I select a track or an album as a favorite of mine, Roon should automatically add that item to a default playlist (e.g. - Roon Favorites). I can then sort that playlist by artist name, album title or leave everything in the order in which it was added. This seems easier and less convoluted.

I see what your saying, I have a lot of similar ideas on how to make Roon better, but on the flip side let me show you how see the Favorites option working. You can favorite an Album or individual tracks in an album, or both.

Once you’ve done that you can then use the features of Roon to find and play them, thus the Fav heart is the key to the following techniques.

From within the Albums view, items you own or “Add to Library” items will show up here and any you favorited will be filtered by clicking the Fav heart:

likewise for individual songs, the Tracks view will let you view all tracks and clicking the Fav heart will filter to only Tracks you previously favorited:

within each view, you can sort the Albums with the Sort selector on the top right and with the column filters in the Tracks view. Also you can create a playlist of either of these.

One other great feature of the Fav heart, is if you click it twice it blocks an item so if you have a song on an album you dislike, you can double Fav it and it will not play.