Pleasant surprise with Kiko

5 or 6 years ago, i had bought a Kiko, as a kitchen unit, to enjoy streaming AirPlay while cooking or having meals. Being a recent Roon adopter, i had of course setup the kiko as a airplay device.

Today i decided to look if there were any software update on the Konfig app ( hadn’t updated in more than 5 years… let’s say i was many version behind).

After updating, i’ve found the Kiko in my Networked devices in Roon settings (it’s always been connected via Ethernet with a powerline adapter).

Poof ! i found myself Streaming 24/192 without any issues whatsoever !

Pleasant surprise. Roon helps me enjoy even more a product that i had completely taken for granted. (Although i have to say that i was always impressed with the qualities and many functionalities of the Kiko, for such a small, all in one device).

I think i’m going to enjoy cooking even more now, DSP style !


Cool! But I am not sure if I have the same luck with my old Linn Sneaky.

And it works!

There is a big “BUT”.

Since the ROON mode does not work by adding to the local playlist in ROON is of lesser interest to us…interchangeability with other controls are compromised.

Thank you.