Please add 93.3 WMMR from Philadelphia

Could you please add 93.3 WMMR from Philadelphia. I have tried adding the Tunein station but it does not work for me. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I can’t add anything at the moment as Roon’s station adding program is not working. However you should still be able to add to my live radio.

I think that should work for you but I can’t test it as it is a US only stream and I can’t work Roon via a VPN.

Try it and let me know.

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@John_Kurkis, Editing stations is working again…
WMMR has been added. Please check.

Thank you Brian, I do see it available now but it will not play.

I get a message “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”

I was able to put this into a browser and that worked successfully. But it will not play through Roon. I tried adding the same URL into My Live Radio and that also did not work.

Because this is a US only station that checks your location at the audio server level I can’t get my UK Roon to play it directly. However I can test that it works using Roon’s US servers.

Can you play other aac stations? For example

What core do you use?

Playing AAC streams seems to be a problem I have not found an AAC stream that I can play. All MP3 streams play fine so there must be something on my side that is preventing AAC playback.

I am run my Core on a QNAP NAS device. I probably need to see if I need some sort of Codex to play these streams.

Thanks and any input is appreciated.


Found Suddenly Roon on Qnap hangs when playing m4a files - #15 by Haim_Ashkenazi

This was how to fix AAC playback on QNAP devices due to an issue with the ffmpeg that is installed with QNAP

Thanks for your help and adding this station to Roon for me.


Yes, the problem will be because of the QNAP. This is the thread to read

Roon Server on QNAP QTS 4.5.1 Situation

And @crieke has very kindly offered to help if you get stuck.

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