Roon Server on QNAP QTS 4.5.1 Situation

Hello everyone,
I was trying to figure out an issue with QNAP’s QTS 4.5.1 in the last days.
The situation with QTS 4.5.1 is, that it is shipped with a version of ffmpeg, that does not support AAC decoding/encoding, which results in the inability to play AAC encoded files or radio streams in Roon.

Today I received a message from QNAP:

Our RD team has told us the way to resolve this issue is to use CAYIN MSP’s ffmpeg. The path for CAYIN’s ffmpeg is below:
CAYIN MSP’s ffmpeg path : /usr/local/cayin/bin/ffmpeg

This would mean a user had to install another Third-Party App before Roon Server is able to play AAC encoded material (which I am not a fan of, as it means there is a dependency of a third party app and Roon Server needs to depend on it.)

Unfortunately I can’t provide ffmpeg in the Roon Server app itself, due to licensing issues with the AAC codec, but I was thinking of a similar approach to ffmpeg on ROCK: A user can manually provide ffmpeg, by putting it in a “Codec”-folder in Roon Server’s storage path.

If you are currently affected by this issue, please send me a PM.


Users not only have to install CAYIN MSP but also need to obtain and activate a license (basic is free). Also the old CodexPack is no longer supported from QTS 4.5.1 onward - CAYIN MSP seems to be the replacement app. It’s used for thumbnail generation and transcoding by the multimedia console.

PS: While QTS naged users for quite a while to install CAYIN MSP, QNAP somehow failed to inform the users about the reason behind it IMHO. So will future devices and new installs have CAYIN MSP preinstalled by default?

There is a temporary solution. It is posted here:

For me it worked (QNAP TS-453A)