Roon Live Radio Issues adding new TuneIN stations


I am having issues adding Tune IN Live radio stations to the Roon and getting them to successfully play.

My Roon setup is 783 running on a QNAP Nas and trying to play to the play the station on the local desktop which is a Win10 Machine.

I can copy and save the TUNE IN link but it comes back with the message - "Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load. "
The link I am trying to use is this one although it does the same for other links


After I save the link to Roon, I can open up the edit button and copy the URL, and paste it into VLC and it plays fine- But it will not play in Roon.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work?


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Issue with AAC station and Qnap havng trouble with AAC ?

NB: I can import the TuneIn link above and the station plays in Roon (Windows, no QNAP)… So probably a QNAP/AAC stream issue.

EDIT : see here Roon Server on QNAP QTS 4.5.1 Situation

Thanks for moving it to the right place.

Yes it is any TuneIN I try to add.

One I do listen to that is included in your searchable list in Roon is

Coast 101.1, CKSJ-FM 101.1 FM, St. John's, Canada | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn this is the direct link from TuneIN .

@Ian_Pizey can you try to add the following TuneIn to your LiveRadio France Inter, 87.8 FM, Paris, France | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn , and check if it plays. THis is Mp3 and not AAC, so if it plays it confirms you are unfortunately suffering from the lacking AAC codec in the most recent distributions of QNAP OS, as referenced above.

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That link added and worked fine. Thanks at least that pinpoints the problem to one place.

Hello @Ian_Pizey, I’m pretty sure @alec_eiffel has diagnosed your problem. That problematic tunein stream redirects to a .aac stream only (no alternative mp3) which your Qnap won’t play unless you update your codecs. The other tunein stream is mp3 only.

There is a video in the link that Rémi posted which walks you through the ffmpeg update process.

I am good updated the Codec and all is working now. Thanks for the quick help.

That was quick! Well done.

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