Please report station errors here

I’ve added a new stream for Ici Première Québec.

EDIT. no, wrong stream… Hold on…

EDIT2… hmm that was awkward; the website kept falling over.
Anyway, I believe I have found correct stream. Please check.


It seems that all the BBC streams are not working for me anymore. Nothing (my end) has changed) and I can still stream other stations (Jazz Radio Blues, for example).

Any thoughts/changes/actions appreciated.


Can you play the .mp3 BBC streams?
What about other stations? In particular .aac streams.
Do you use a QNAP NAS?


Can’t play any of the BBC streams in any format.

And yes, I use a QNAP NAS. Is there a known recent issue with QNAP? (Sorry if I’ve missed a bug notice).

My signal chain: QNAP ( -> RoonCore (1.7 build 667) -> RoonBridge (1.7 build 571)

Thanks in advance.

Also, the national stations are not visible in the search (i.e. if I search for BBC, there are only the local stations or LW ones). I just tried BBC Derby on mp3 and it worked after 2 attempts. But I don’t really want that:) I do want 6music, Radio 3 and Radio 4.

Appreciate any insights.


Unfortunately, yes. See

I wonder if your search string is too short.
If I search for BBC I get the maximum (50) stations reported back. Unfortunately because more than that number reference BBC, it could be that BBC Radio 6 is not in those 50.

Do you find radio 6 if you try BBC radio 6 for instance?

Hi, and thanks.

Yes, it did come up :).

I then proceeded to load the station but set mp3 as default. IT PLAYED!!! :slight_smile:

However, nothing with any of the AAC.



See my post above. The ffmpeg codecs in the latest update to the QNAP disable .aac. If you follow the link, you will see that @crieke will help you out.

Hello, I’m having a problem getting Swing FM (Limoges, France) to stream. I succesfully added it to “my radio” using both the station’s website URL and the corresponding Tune-in URL, but cannot get it to stream successfully, getting an error message. Attached is a screenshot

I don’t know what the problem is for you just now, should be OK, but sometimes Tunein URLs don’t work.

Not to worry, I’ve added Swing FM as a station in the main database. Try that.

EDIT. You’re in the UK. Tunein no longer allows UK connections to overseas sites.

Last year I moved from Canada to the UK, which explains the problem when using the Tune-in url, but I only went to Tune-in after I couldn’t get the url that’s listed on the station’s website to work Anyhow, I’ve grabbed the station from the main list, and thanks to your excellent help, all is working perfectly. Many thanks, it’s much appreciated.

Well, I never got that far down the page! I analysed the site, saw what it was using and used that.

However, that other seems fine and doesn’t appear to be a simple redirect, so I’ve added it as an alternative.

Hi Brian: Sadly, the station “Strictly Blues” that you found for me (an iHeart Radio station) is no longer working. Any chance we can get it back?

Hmm. It’s still there but you may be affected by a Roon bug concerning geo-restrictions flags.

I have temporarily removed the flag. Can you see the station now?

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Yes! I sure can. Man I really appreciate everything you do!!

Ok, then you are indeed affected by the bug.
@dylan - another one.

Unfortunately I can’t leave the flag off because that station should not be available to non-us users.

The way round this for the time being is for you to add

as a station in your my live radio


Okay will do… thank you thank you!

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The Belgian French-speaking public radio station (“La Premiere”) doesn’t work any more in Roon Live Radio (don’t know why).

I tried to edit the fields in the Edit Station window:

I entered this website:

I also tried these different streams:

But none of them seems to work.

I always have the same message: “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”.

Is there any way to add this radio again?


Hello @Thierry_M. I assume we are talking about RTBF La Première.

I can play this station without problems. Are you still unable to play?