Live Radio, some stations not connecting after update to 943

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<! All BBC radio stations and some others not connecting since update. Magic and Classic FM OK–Tell us about the problem you’re having in as much detail as possible. Screenshots are always appreciated! →

I’m in the US and all of my Live Radio stations are playing, including all of the BBC ones I use. Are you seeing any other issues in your network or with Roon?

Hi, problem still persists today, Roon working fine and network all ok. It’s only BBC stations that are down. message come up after 10 seconds, “playback interrupted as track failed to load”

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on investigation, its the AAC file format streams that are not working.
The mp3 file format streams for BBC stations are OK

What is your roon core?

Synology 1819+

I wonder if your ffmpeg isn’t right.

Can you play these test files in aac?

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Thanks for information and assistance.
Problem resolved by uploading extracted ffmpeg file to the RoonOnNAS bin. Then stopping and restarting the Roon server
seems problem was caused by recent Synology OS update and not by Roon update to 943 as I previously stated.


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