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The Belgian French-speaking public radio station (“La Premiere”) doesn’t work any more in Roon Live Radio (don’t know why).

I tried to edit the fields in the Edit Station window:

I entered this website:

I also tried these different streams:

But none of them seems to work.

I always have the same message: “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”.

Is there any way to add this radio again?


Hello @Thierry_M. I assume we are talking about RTBF La Première.

I can play this station without problems. Are you still unable to play?

Hi Brian
Yes, I am talking about RTBF La Premiere.
And I’m still unable to play…
I have no problem with another of the RTBF radio stations (RTBF Classic 21). But I always receive the same message when I try to lissen to La Premiere (“Playback was interrupted…”). Really don’t understand.

Do you by any chance run the core on a Qnap nas?

Yes. Could that be the cause for the problem?

Yes. The latest QNAP update meant that the aac codec was disabled. However, @crieke will help you out. See

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to provide an update on the location restriction issue — Our team is actively investigating this and we hope to have this resolved in the near future. For now, if you manually add the unavailable stream to My Live Radio you’ll be able to play these stations.

You have our apologies for the inconvenience.

Update 11/25/2020 — This issue has been resolved.

Hello @Riviera_Bluesman, Roon believes they have fixed the bug. Can you help confirm by telling us if you can see Strictly Blues now?

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Hi Brian: Yes! It is working as normal on my end. Again, I truly appreciate you following up on this. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Al

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Hello @Ian_Gilham, I’ve added the UK restriction back on Scala Radio as Roon have now fixed the bug. Can you confirm that you can still receive the station OK?

I cannot connect to any BBC streams, nor LBC London at the moment. Tried a core retstart but not getting anywhere.

Tried stations like RP and a couple of random others and they are playing OK.

I’m UK based.

All ok here @anon55914447. Did you try the mp3 stream?

Hi Brian

I tried the mp3 streams for 6 Music and Radio 3. These both worked.

Couple of questions therefore:

  • Is there any special reason the AAC streams are kaput?
  • Can we get alternatives for 5Live, 5LiveSportsExtra and LBC because they’re only listed in AAC format.

Only if you have a Qnap. I was just trying to narrow things down.

5live and LBC done. 5 live sports extra proving awkward. Let me work on it.

Can you try radio 5 live sport extra please? I’ve added an mp3 stream, and I know it works, but Roon insists on playing the aac streams for me.

Cheers Brian. Just had to go out so will try it later. Sports Extra not a priority.

Checking, it looks like you do run a Qnap. In which case your .aac codecs are disabled. See this thread, @crieke has kindly offered to help

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Is there a documented codec install I can use to get AAC working on my QNAP? I swear I never used to have a problem with AAC radio streams.have we changed the back end?

Posts crossed! Yes, QNAP update, not Roon, upset things.

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