Core on QNAP TS-251+

I have just noticed that my TS-251+ is asking me to update Roon Core when I have checked that it is already running the latest version. For obvious reasons I am not updating it. Does this need looking at?

Also running Core on TS-251+, no asking here…

I doubt so. Note: The Roon Server package for QNAP is not equal to the Roon Server software itself.

More information:

This rings warning bells. Surely the Roon Server has to achieve the same tasks regardless of the platform it is presented on (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). When you say ‘not equal’ what actually do you mean? If I check the Core from within Roon on Windows under the About section in settings, it recognises it and states that it has the latest version. How can it be ‘not equal’, do you just mean written in another language?

There are several conditions (prerequisites) that have to be met (present) for Roon Server to work correctly on supported platforms. The Roon Server package that you can download from QNAP’s app store contains this prerequisites (minus the optional, if you can accept the missing features if you pass on it, FFMEG codec) and prepares an environment that meets the conditions to run Roon Server. It also contains a configuration front-end and a script that downloads and installs the Roon Server software for Linux if needed. It does not contain the Roon Server software itself.

When the NAS tells you that there is a software update available for the Roon Server package in the app store, that means that you don’t run the current release of that software package. That’s all. The QNAP app store does not know what the current release of the Roon Server software is and will never prompt you to update it. It is always about the Roon Server package for QTS (the QNAP OS).

The .qkpg that you install on your QNAP is a package that support delivery the Core and helps automate the install on your QNAP.

You’re being promoted to update the .qkpg as it has a fix for the ffmpeg version issue that QNAPs have. The Roon Core updates are independent of this and come from Roon.

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Thanks for that explanation; very helpful.
I do have to say however, that without this update, Roon is working perfectly; and that includes the ability to play the AAC radio streaming (BBC Radio 3 etc.). If the QNAP update is to include the FFMEG codec so that these files can be played, how can I now play them?
In essence, do I do the update or not?

It’s your NAS, so it’s your call.

In order to make my ‘call’, I have to know what I’m doing. That’s why I am asking. Am I not party to the details?

Sorry but my fortune telling ball is foggy. I don’t know under what policy you run your NAS. I suspect you read the thread I linked above, so you know why this new package got created. If you don’t have a problem, you have probably updated manually (you shouldn’t see the update message in this case), implemented some workaround for the problem (that predates the new package) or you run an outdated version of QTS for reasons unknown to me.

Either way, the new package should run and work properly without taking away anything. If you decide to install the new package and you need AAC or AirPlay support install the FFMEG codec as described in the linked thread.

Many thanks. I can see that it’s a bit more involved than initially meets the eye. Bearing in mind that everything seems to be working fine without the update, I shall leave well alone. Thanks again.

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Hey @Tim_Green,

I hope things are working well on your Core :slight_smile: If you run into any issues at all, please, don’t hesitate to reach back out - we’re doing all we can to get back to everyone much sooner - we’re confident that we will :grin:

In the meantime, I will close this topic, but not before thanking @BlackJack for the insightful comments and resources. Thanks go to @anon55914447 for the explanation :pray: