Please add 98.3 The Penguin

I’ve tried adding it from the website ( and TunedIn. It recognizes the TuneIn link, but won’t play when I try to listen. The link from the website isn’t recognized by Roon at all. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello @Weaver_Johnson , I’m having trouble with this one. I’ve found a couple of possibilities but they refuse to play. I’ll keep trying.

Hello again Weaver,
With the help of a US based curator (thank you @Rugby ) we’ve established there is a problem at the station end at present. I’ll continue to monitor and hope to add the station in due course.

Thanks, Brian! I appreciate your help!

Hello again @Weaver_Johnson , the website has changed its URL since I last checked and it now works. I’ve added 98.3 The Penguin to the database. US only. Please check if OK.