Please add BayFM

Hi, I’d be most grateful if you could please add BayFM from Australia.

Hello @Michael_Fitzgerald, and welcome to Live Radio. I’m having a spot of bother with this one - and there seem to be two different streams.
The stream from the website is causing Roon problems, but if I search for alternative streams from other content collection sites they offer a different (rap related) one.

Has it changed recently?

I’ll keep trying.

EDIT. Streams seem identical now. I’m still unsure, but I’ve added a working stream, please let me know if OK.

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Hey @BrianW,

You got it,well done! Thanks for your fast work and perseverance, it’s only a local community station but broadcasting from one of the oldest most iconic hippy/alternative lifestyle regions in Australia so very eclectic and unique.Appreciate your work.

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